Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Kid Strange (host) calls up random friends from around the world (during this coronavirus pandemic) to shoot the shit. Not only will you get random “facts” about Laura Dern, but you will also get lots of apologies to Laura Dern too! (Laura, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry.) Although the default of the title of this podcast is “One Way or Another…” the actual fact is that this podcast’s title changes every episode. But don’t worry, I understand that we all tune in to hear more news about our beloved Laura Dern, so I do my best to deliver. (Again, Laura–I am so friggin’ sorry!!) Follow the YouTube channel Kaidoscope: for video of the podcasts.

Hey everyone! Another Thursday, another episode. Okay, so in this episode I do all the talking and legit need to shut the f-- up!
Michelle is a very good friend of mine, hunkering down in LA (where she lives), and letting me know what the state of the dumpster fire we call America is doing. (Badly).
Michelle use to do stand up, she was in SC Toronto and her dad was the producer of Due South (that's how Canadian she is).


Next week, I will probably have a small recap with Todd and then take a summer break.


Heyo! And we are back!
Another Thursday, another fucked up--everything that can go wrong-does go wrong-chaotic-interview with Sille-Kadri Simer!
Sille-Kadri is based locally in Estonia (obviously, with a name like that), and so I invited her to my backyard because the backyard is hella nice that day.
This also means: cats meowing, dogs barking, the wind (which I am kind angry with at the moment because whenever I need the wind, it is never there!), flights overhead, birds chirping. EVERYTHING.
(We began by discussing about slates/clapperboards and honestly I am now thinking I should've used external microphones...)

Really, this is more of an interview with the whole of Estonia.
Anyways, I digress. Sille-Kadri began as a comedian, now she co-hosts a very popular podcast in Estonia and I love her perspective and fierceness. Also, it's nice to have someone else do the talking.

We're back for another interview!
So, something a little bit different this time around--Estonia has eased it's lockdown restrictions so I can slowly go and pester people around town. SLOWLY.
I decided to go to Heldeke! and film this one on one rather than my usually technology interface.
Heldeke! is one of my most cherished and favourite places to perform. The audience is always amazing there and I love meeting comedians from around the globe.
Dan le Man is the owner of Heldeke! His background is in improv, circus, and performance so of course he's already amazing. It was nice to have him as a guest cos he did all the talking!
Anyways, if you are ever in Tallinn, Estonia. Check out Heldeke!

Oh, and the Laura Dern fact of the episode: her religion is tac (cat backwards). That makes sense, I mean, aren't her family Catholics? Addicted to cats?

Welcome back to another episode of One Way or Another!

This week, I have my good friend Morgan Page on the show. I asked her to come on because a lot of you have questions about what it is to be trans and Morgan is just the person to go through it with me.

She's a trans activist (besides being a friend from when we were kids) and she taught me a lot about gender and what it means to be trans.

So I hope that she can be very informative to you as well.

Again, apologies for sound, although everything she says is very insightful so if you have an external speaker, please hook it up and give this a listen!

Hey everyone! Welcome back.

Once more, apologies for my sound. I have one more episode with sound issues and then hopefully I will have things resolved from then on.

My guest this Thursday is none other than Olga Loitsenko! Some of you local folk will know Olga as she is a comedian from Estonia and currently hunkering down and hiding from the coronavirus in Australia.

So we catch up, talk movies, laugh at my cat/plant. Talk about Julianne Moore films and then get into some crazy stories about her best friend, Laura Dern.

Til next time!

Hey everyone and thanks for coming back!

Me and Jamie have a nice conversation about what it means to be trans, gay, and using comedy for good and using exclusive language in comedy (and the joke being how far left we have to be about it).

Now I know that some of you are coming here to find out some Laura Dern facts:

The fact for today?

Her favourite Audubon illustration is of a male red Cardinal. But you might wanna hang around for the story.

You can watch all podcasts in delightful video format on my YouTube channel:

Hey everyone!

We are back with another hangout! My guest for this one is James Carman of The Reflectors (their album will be out May 29th by Burger Records). He also played drums with The Dollyrots that one time.

I've known James forever now, so it was nice to just hang out and chat. See how he's doing, etc.

You can also watch the video on my YouTube channel:

My apologies for James' very low microphone. I did my best to up the microphone and lower mine. These are strange times!

Another Thursday, another episode!
I managed to get a hold of Earle which was an extremely difficult task to do, as he's an essential worker--he makes food for people.
Okay. I don't really talk to him about the pandemic, we're actually talking about comedy and what we like.
Oh--oh yeah, you might wanna fast forward to like 20 minutes in, otherwise most of the conversation is just me petting my cat.
Okay, Earle is an interesting dude. I am still trying to get him into comedy because he's genuinely funny when he wants to be.

My apologies to Laura Dern because I gave up on getting apologies for her but also Earle is a typical Estonian who doesn't know who she is.
(I love that Estonians don't have celebrity culture or like...pop culture).

Hey! Once again we are here and I am chatting to a good friend of mine, Kelly Ogden from The Dollyrots!

The Dollyrots are a punk band originally from Los Angeles, and now based in Tampa, FL. I met Kelly and Luis when they were touring with Buzzcocks in 2010 (time flies, huh). They have a new album and a new single out right now (give it a listen on Spotify) and every weekend they're performing on Stageit!

So we just hanging out--the kids come and join us, the animals are here--everyone is here!

Again, this is all viewable on my YouTube Channel:

Hello! We are back with another episode of One Way or Another!

My second guest for the show is a locally based comedian, Aleksandr Popov. Mr. Popov is the Mayor of Estonia, an ex-bouncer, a teacher, and my bodyguard, okay, so he's a lotta things!

One of the nicest people I know and such a great guy to just have a down to earth chat with. You can catch Mr. Popov doing his rounds with Comedy Estonia and he's always on social media (Twitter & Insta: @50ShadesBouncer give him a follow).

You can also see the whole video of us on my YouTube Channel: