Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Kid Strange (host) calls up random friends from around the world (during this coronavirus pandemic) to shoot the shit. Not only will you get random “facts” about Laura Dern, but you will also get lots of apologies to Laura Dern too! (Laura, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry.) Although the default of the title of this podcast is “One Way or Another…” the actual fact is that this podcast’s title changes every episode. But don’t worry, I understand that we all tune in to hear more news about our beloved Laura Dern, so I do my best to deliver. (Again, Laura–I am so friggin’ sorry!!) Follow the YouTube channel Kaidoscope: for video of the podcasts.

Hey everyone! Another Thursday, another episode. Okay, so in this episode I do all the talking and legit need to shut the f-- up!
Michelle is a very good friend of mine, hunkering down in LA (where she lives), and letting me know what the state of the dumpster fire we call America is doing. (Badly).
Michelle use to do stand up, she was in SC Toronto and her dad was the producer of Due South (that's how Canadian she is).


Next week, I will probably have a small recap with Todd and then take a summer break.

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